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Coverage of The Joint Commission's initiatives and roles in accreditation. Issues from the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and magnet status. Discussions on delegation and how it relates to the management of unlicensed assistive personnel. Quantum physics theory and its relevance to nursing care. Nanotechnology and genomics and how they affect nursing. Data element sets and terminologies recognized by ANA. Staffing issues related to safety. Coverage of domestic violence issues. "Evidence-Based Practice" boxes provide examples of current evidence and include questions that help you apply to real life practice.
  • "Thought and Discussion" questions test your understanding of the chapter objectives.

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    To effectively plan, implement, and evaluate Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) programs, one must understand the overall marketing process, consumer behavior, and communications theory. Belch/Belch's Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective draws from the authors' extensive research in advertising, consumer behavior, communications, marketing, sales promotion, and other fields to give students a basis for understanding the marketing communications process, how it influences consumer decision making, and how to develop promotional strategies.

    In addition to thorough coverage of advertising, Belch's eleventh edition has chapters on sales promotion, direct marketing, the Internet including social media and mobile marketing, support media such as outdoor advertising, product placement and integration, and publicity/public relations, with emphasis on the integration of advertising with other promotional-mix elements and the need to understand their role and overall contribution.



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    With the latest data on income, wealth, earnings, and residential segregation by income, The American Class Structure in an Age of Growing Inequality, Tenth Edition describes a consistent pattern of growing inequality in the United States since the early 1970s. Focusing on the socioeconomic core of the American class system, author Dennis L. Gilbert examines how changes in the economy, family life, globalization, and politics are contributing to increasing class inequality.

    New to this Edition

  • The Class Basis of Trump′s Victory looks at why for the first time since before the 1932 election, the Republican presidential candidate won a greater proportion of the working class vote than the Democratic opponent.
  • Addresses the role of technology and other factors in the decline of manufacturing employment and how the trend is crucial for understanding growing inequality and changes in working class family life.
  • Offers international comparisons to show how the U.S. compares with other wealthy nations on social mobility and poverty, and questions our conception of the U.S. as a uniquely open society.


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    Learn more about the dynamics of today's correctional system in the U.S. with the fascinating, current content and balanced approach in Clear/Reisig/Cole's market-leading AMERICAN CORRECTIONS, 13E. Engaging discussions, actual cases with familiar names and first-hand insights from those in the system immediately grab your interest, while career overviews point to rewarding opportunities in the field. You examine the latest facts and figures as well as new developments and trends impacting correctional policy and practice in the U.S., such as COVID-19 and the rising use of methamphetamines and opioids. The authors provide an unbiased treatment of institutional and community sanctions as this well-rounded introduction examines the U.S. correctional system from the perspectives of both the corrections worker and the accused person. MindTap digital resources are also available with interactive learning tools, video cases and career scenarios that bring content to life.


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    Explore the American corrections system from the perspective of both the corrections worker and the accused person in AMERICAN CORRECTIONS, 12th Edition. You'll learn about institutional and community sanctions, aided by high-profile corrections cases taken from recent headlines to reinforce important theories. The authors "tell it like it is" with thought-provoking, unbiased examinations of such topics as assisting felons during the re-entry process, reducing recidivism, the death penalty and surveillance. You'll also get a frontline view of careers in the corrections field.
    AMERICAN SLAVERY 1619-1877 (10TH ANNIV ED) (P)

    AMERICAN SLAVERY 1619-1877 (10TH ANNIV ED) (P)

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    The single best short survey in America, now updated.
    Includes a New Preface and Afterward

    In terms of accessibility and comprehensive coverage, Kolchin's American Slavery is a singularly important achievement. Now updated to address a decade of new scholarship, the book includes a new preface, afterword, and revised and expanded bibliographic essay. It remains the best book to introduce a subject of profound and lasting importance, one that lies at the center of American history.



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    Just because A&P is complicated, doesn't mean learning it has to be. Anatomy & Physiology, 10th Edition uses reader-friendly writing, visually engaging content, and a wide range of teaching and learning support to ensure classroom success. Focusing on the unifying themes of structure and function and homeostasis, author Kevin Patton uses a very conversational and easy-to-follow narrative to guide you through difficult A&P material. The new edition of this two-semester text has been updated to ensure you have a better understanding of how the entire body works together. In addition, you can connect with the textbook through a number of free electronic resources, including?Netter's 3D Interactive Anatomy, A&P Online, an electronic coloring book, 3D animations, and more!

  • Conversational writing style
  • at a 11.7 reading level (the lowest available for 2-semester A&P books) makes text engaging and easy to understand.
  • Updated Genetics chapter includes important advancements in that field.
  • Updated content on osmosis revised to make it more simple and accurate.
  • More than 1,400 full-color photographs and drawings illustrate the most current scientific knowledge and bring difficult concepts to life. Includes a unique color key to show color scheme that is used consistently throughout the book (for example, bones are off white, enzymes are lime green, nucleus is purple).
  • Free 1-year access to Netter's 3D Interactive Anatomy, powered by Cyber Anatomy, a state-of-the-art software program that uses advanced gaming technology and interactive 3D anatomy models to learn and review anatomy.
  • UNIQUE! Consistent unifying themes, such as the Big Picture and Cycle of Life sections in each chapter, help you comprehend the interrelation of body systems and how the structure and function of these change in relation to age and development.
  • Numerous feature boxes including: Language of Science and Language of Medicine, Mechanisms of Disease, Health Matters, Diagnostic Study, FYI, Sport and Fitness, and Career Choices provide interesting and important sidebars to the main content.
  • Quick Check Questions reinforce learning by prompting you to review what you've just read.
  • Chapter outlines, chapter objectives and study tips begin each chapter.
  • NEW! Integrative Unit Closers
  • ties together content with integrative critical thinking questions.
  • NEW! Additional and updated Connect It! boxes (renamed from A&P Connect) provide relevant bonus information for you to explore.
  • NEW! All-new animations in the text and on Evolve companion site help you understand the reasoning and knowledge behind each answer and assist with recalling correct answers.


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    The complete texts of the documents that tell the story of the clashes and compromises that gave birth to the Unites States of America.

    Should the members of the government be elected by direct vote of the people?
    Should the government be headed by a single executive, and how powerful should that executive be? Should immigrants be allowed into the United States?
    How should judges be appointed?
    What human rights should be safe from government infringement?

    In 1787, these important questions and others were raised by such statesmen as Patrick Henry and John DeWitt as the states debated the merits of the proposed Constitution. Along with The Federalist Papers, this invaluable book documents the political context in which the Constitution was born.

    This volume includes the complete texts of the Anti-Federalist Papers and Constitutional Convention debates, commentaries, and an Index of Ideas. It also lists cross-references to its companion volume, The Federalist Papers, available in a Signet Classic edition.

    Edited and with an Introduction by Ralph Ketchum